Donate and help protect
Children in emergencies

£24 could provide life-saving salts to at least 60 children suffering from dehydration caused by diarrhoea.

£11 could provide 3055 water purification tablets to help families purify water in emergency situations.

£5 a month could help provide exercise books for 15 children so they can continue their education in times of crisis or disaster.

£91 could help provide emergency water and hygiene kits for two families.

Children in Aden, Yemen proudly show off their vaccination spots. Vaccine protect children from deadly disease so they can Survive Past Five

£66 could help provide Measles vaccines to protect 100 children.

£30 could help provide an emergency shelter kit for a family.

Sorry, we can only process donations of £1 and above due to admin costs.

Our Children’s Emergency Fund helps children affected by disasters whenever and wherever they are. When disaster strikes, Unicef works around the clock to provide life-saving supplies to families in need.

Right now for example, Unicef is responding to the needs of refugees and migrants at the Turkish border. The youngest and most vulnerable children face harrowing journeys as they seek safety in Europe. No child should ever have to risk their life to be protected.

When disaster strikes, children can lose everything

Across the world, 50 million children face conflict, natural disasters, health crises and other complex emergencies. These situations can leave children without their homes, schools and families. Their access to shelter, food, water and medicines can be seriously affected and children are left more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Unicef staff are on the ground in these emergencies providing immediate, life-saving care and supplies, as well as lasting support to help families rebuild their lives. Donate to our Children’s Emergency Fund and help us be there for children whenever disaster strikes.

How your donation helps

Your donation can help us reach children facing conflicts and health crises around the world, including responding to refugees and migrants on the move in South East Europe.

Unicef and our partners are dispatching blankets, baby diapers, water bottles, wet wipes and soap to 5,000 people, focusing on families and children. A Unicef Emergency Officer is also present on the ground.

Unicef is closely monitoring the situation on the ground and are in continuous communication with our implementing partners, our government counterparts and other UN agencies.

Your gift will go directly to our Children’s Emergency Fund to save and protect children in emergencies around the world.

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