Donate today and help us prevent child malnutrition in Liberia. Unicef/2016/Maule-Ffinch

Donate now
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a child's future


We are thankful for every gift. You can make even more of an difference with a smaller amount every month, supporting long-term projects and helping more children to grow up happy, healthy and safe.

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£17 could provide vitamin sprinkles for two toddlers for a whole year.

Salta and her mother are supported by Unicef to build knowledge of health and nutrition in their community. You can find out more about Gifts in Wills in our Gifts in Wills guide.

£11 could provide life-saving food for a child for a week.

Your fundraising will go to buy sachets of specially-formulated salts that can help save the lives of children suffering from dehydration caused by diarrhoea.

£7 could help provide life-saving salts for 20 children suffering from dehydration.

£75 could help pay for therapeutic milk for 15 children, full of the nutrients needed to save their lives.

£43 could help provide life-saving peanut paste to cure a child from malnutrition.

£25 could provide vitamin sprinkles for three toddlers for a whole year.

Sorry, we can only process donations of £1 and above due to admin costs.

Sorry, the maximum value for setting up a monthly gift online is £1000. If you’d like to make a larger monthly gift please reach out to our Supporter Care team who will be able to assist you.

If you’re trying to make a one-off donation, please click on the “Single” button above.

Too many children don’t have the right food to grow up healthy and strong

Right now around the world, five children die every minute as a result of malnutrition. Millions more live with the effects for the rest of their lives, because their bodies and brains haven’t developed the way they should. We need to act now to help these children.

We want to tackle malnutrition, starting in Liberia; a country with one of the highest child mortality rates in the world. In Liberia one in three children don’t have the nutrients they need to live healthy, happy lives. You can be part of changing this forever.

Your donation can help feed a child's future in Liberia - donate now. Unicef/2017/Maule-ffinch

Your donation can help feed a child's future in Liberia - donate now. Unicef/2017/Maule-ffinch

Help us to feed a child’s future in Liberia

The children of Liberia should have big dreams and bright futures. There should be no limit to what they can achieve. But sadly thousands of children don’t have the chance to reach their full potential. Thousands will never grow up at all.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. If children receive the right nutrition at the start of their lives, then there is no limit to what they can become. With your support, we can work towards putting an end to malnutrition.

We are working around the clock to treat children suffering from malnutrition, but we’re also tackling the root causes of malnutrition, to prevent more children from becoming malnourished. As well as delivering life-saving food for vulnerable children, we’re also supporting long-term, sustainable nutrition programmes for mothers and babies and working with the Government of Liberia on an ambitious, nationwide programme to prevent malnutrition for all children under five.

A child’s future depends on what you do today. Your donation can help us build a world where every child is able to reach their full potential. By investing in nutrition, you could help the future of an entire country.

Please donate now and help us give children in Liberia a brighter future.

For the first 12 months, monthly donations made to this appeal will go towards funding UNICEF’s work to support children in Liberia. After that donations will go to our Children’s Emergency Fund, to save and protect children in emergencies around the world. In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your one off or monthly gift will also go to our Children’s Emergency Fund.