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Contacting us about the Rights Respecting Schools Award

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For general enquiries about the Rights Respecting Schools Award contact the central team at Unicef UK, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm via email (we endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 4 working days) or by phoning 0207 375 6059.

To register for the Award

To order RRSA resources

To order your RRSA teaching resources or enquire about an order you have already placed:

For any enquiry about Unicef’s work for children, please contact the Supporter Care team

By Telephone: 0300 330 5580 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm) / By Email: Contact our Supporter Care Team

Our main office and mailing address

Unicef House, 30a Great Sutton Street, London, EC1V 0DU; Tel: 0207 490 2388/Fax: 0207 250 1733

The Team

Unicef UK is here to support schools throughout their rights-respecting journey.We have a team of Professional Advisors located across the UK who work closely with schools by providing support, delivering training and carrying out assessments. The team has vast experience of working within the education sector, including as senior leaders in schools. We also work with accredited assessors and trainers to ensure a wide-ranging support to all our schools across the UK.

Contact for your regional Professional Advisor

You will receive full contact details of your Professional Advisor when you register with us. You can also find out who covers your region below:

(If you are unsure of which region your school comes under, please consult the Department for Education website)


See our map of Scotland for a guide to the areas each professional advisor covers..

Northern Ireland: David McGimpsey: davidm@unicef.org.uk

Wales:  Sarah Hooke: sarahhoo@unicef.org.uk

You can also contact the RRSA central team with any questions via email rrsa@unicef.org.uk or tel  0207 375 6059.