The Baby Friendly neonatal standards in action in Bradford

Bradford Hospital NHS Trust’s neonatal accreditation is making a huge difference to families’ experiences. We spoke to Matron Kelly Young and Specialist Midwife in Infant Feeding Janette Westman about the impact of the standards on care for the most vulnerable babies and their families.

Time to make a fuss about breastfeeding: Emma Pickett

Emma Pickett highlights the inconsistencies in infant feeding service provision across the UK, and urges readers to speak out for national leadership on infant feeding to better support health professionals, mothers, their babies and families.

Relieving the feeding pressure: Sue Ashmore

Baby Friendly Director Sue Ashmore shares her thoughts on feeding pressure in the UK and how we can better support families to achieve their infant feeding goals.

Supporting breastfeeding is everybody’s business

To mark 2018's National Breastfeeding Celebration Week in England, our Programme Director Sue Ashmore shares her thoughts on the role we must all play in supporting, protecting and promoting breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding peer support: What works?

This guest blog from Cardiff University and NCT's Heather Trickey explores key lessons from a recent review of breastfeeding peer support.

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