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This section guides services through new Achieving Sustainability standards and the Gold Award, designed to help embed high quality care for the long term.


Theme 1: Leadership: Develop a leadership team that promotes the Baby Friendly standards

  • There is a named Baby Friendly lead/team with sufficient knowledge, skills and hours to meet their objectives
  • There is a mechanism for the Baby Friendly lead/team to remain up-to-date with their education and skills
  • A Baby Friendly Guardian with sufficient seniority and engagement is in post
  • The leadership structures support proportionate responsibility and accountability
  • All relevant managers are educated to support the maintenance of the standards.

Theme 2: Culture: Foster an organisational culture that protects the Baby Friendly standards

  • There is support for ongoing staff learning
  • There are mechanisms in place to support a positive culture, such as staff recognition schemes, mechanisms for staff to feedback concerns and systems to enable parents’ and families’ feedback to be heard and acted upon.

Theme 3: Monitoring: Construct robust monitoring processes to support the Baby Friendly standards – mechanisms to ensure that:

  • Baby Friendly audits are carried out regularly according to service needs
  • All relevant data is available and is accessed
  • Data is analysed effectively and collectively to give an overall picture
  • Action plans are developed in response to findings
  • Relevant data is routinely reported to the leadership team
  • Relevant data is routinely reported to Unicef UK.

Theme 4: Progression: Continue to develop the service in order to sustain the Baby Friendly standards

  • The service demonstrates innovation and progress
  • There is evidence to demonstrate that outcomes have improved
  • The needs of babies, their mothers and families are met through effective integrated working

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