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Neuro-social evolution Robin Grille video

At our 2015 conference, psychologist and parent educator Robin Grille gave his talk on Neuro-social evolution. This talk is available to view in full, with slides, below.

Maximising breastmilk

Information on supporting mothers to maximise the breastmilk they give to their babies - particularly when they're not exclusively breastfeeding.

Improvements in neonatal care

In this video shown at our 2017 neonatal conference, six neonatal units share the improvements they're making to the care of sick and preterm babies.

Parents’ experiences of children’s centres

Stage 3 for children's centres means ensuring that breastfeeding is protected and supported in all areas of the service and that pregnant women and parents are supported to build relationships with their baby.

Annual Conference 2018

The 2018 Annual Conference took place on 15-16 November at ACC Liverpool. Find a selection of speaker slides, audio, video, posters and the full programme here.