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Infant formula and responsive bottle feeding

This simple, concise guide provides parents who are bottle feeding with an overview on how to bottle feed responsively and, for parents who are formula feeding, how to choose an infant formula.

Responsive Feeding Infosheet

This infosheet helps health professionals to support parents to feed their babies responsively and so develop close and loving relationships with them.

Bottle feeding resources

These resources cover a range of issues around bottle feeding, including making up feeds and responsive bottle feeding.

Supporting breastfeeding research

Latest research on reasons that mothers stop breastfeeding and what works to support them to breastfeed for as long as they wish.

Guide to bottle feeding leaflet

This leaflet from the Department of Health and the Baby Friendly Initiative provides key information about bottle feeding and making up feeds safely.

Blog: Supporting breastfeeding is everybody’s business

To mark 2018's National Breastfeeding Celebration Week in England, our Programme Director Sue Ashmore shares her thoughts on the role we must all play in supporting, protecting and promoting breastfeeding.

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