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Using straightforward language and simple illustrations to aid understanding, these infosheets on breastfeeding and bottle feeding are available in multiple languages and can be used to support parents with the basics of feeding and responding to their baby.

Update May 2022: Our breastfeeding and bottle feeding infosheets have recently been translated into Ukrainian. Access these translations below and visit our infant feeding in emergencies page to read a statement from UNICEF, the Global Nutrition Cluster and Partners on protecting maternal and child nutrition in the Ukraine conflict and refugee crisis. 

The infosheets are free to download and print, and are currently available in:

Please note: Following feedback, these translations were updated in 2019 to ensure the language used was as straightforward as possible.

The English versions of these resources are available below for reference:

Breastfeeding guidance: English (for reference)


Bottle feeding guidance: English (for reference)


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