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Workshop for Experienced Trainers – Supporting participants to bring new concepts into their in-house training 

This resource is a replacement for the one-day Workshop for Trainers and is a collection of videos to offer guidance on the content included in the refreshed (2019) UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Breastfeeding and Relationship Building course. This will be accessed via our e-learning system Litmos. 

This resource is intended for experienced trainers who have completed the Train the Trainer course with us prior to 2019. If you have attended Train the Trainer more recently or have already attended the Workshop for Trainers, you do not need to purchase this as you already have the updated materials. 

The current Train the Trainer resources (slide packs, activities and rationales for each session) are provided so that participants can use these to facilitate their own training and updates, along with video guidance talking through the materials. 

Please note: Attendance of our Train the Trainer course is a prerequisite for this purchase of this resource, and access to the materials and videos will be given for one year. 

Order this resource using the order form on this page. The 2023 price is £150.


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