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World Children’s Day is a day to celebrate the power of children to change the world.

On the 20 November we celebrate World Children’s Day,  the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Its a day for children by children  – a day to imagine a better future for every child.

Young people have been telling adults that they are worried about the climate crisis for the same reasons and with the same urgency as people are now about Covid-19. This is a time for generations to come together to reimagine the type of world we want to create.


This year we are focusing on climate change through OutRight, our annual campaign to speak out on an issue linked to children’s rights. OutRight is a campaign that runs beyond World Children’s Day itself, but the 20 November is a key moment and we would encourage all Rights Respecting Schools to sign up and take part in the special event we have planned on World Children’s Day itself.

Article of the Week

Use  our Article of the Week pack for World Children’s Day to help you celebrate in your school.  For World Children’s Days we are looking at the definition of a child (1) and making rights real (4). Exploring these articles is helps emphasise how important the Convention is to ensuring children all over the world have the things they need to grow up healthy, safe and able to imagine a better future for every child.

Other ideas

You might also want to consider other ideas such as:

  • A children’s take over – Takeovers of media, government, businesses, schools and other institutions which are normally run by adults
  • Worlds Largest Lesson – Engage students in the World’s Largest Lesson
  • Turn the world blue – Last year iconic buildings and landmarks 68 countries turned blue as a symbolic expression of their support for children’s rights and an act of hope. Physically turning the world blue is harder this year but join UNICEF online by posting on social media using cyan blue on World Children’s Day and using #WorldChildrensDay
  • Get inspiration on the RRSA Facebook group – join us on Facebook to find out what other teachers have planned such as celebration assemblies, special lessons on children’s rights, and asking children what their hopes are for the future

Take a look at some of the resources and links below for more inspiration and don’t forget to let us know what you are doing on social media under the hashtag #WorldChildrensDay

Children in Berlin demonstrated for their rights in front of the Reichstag building ahead of World Children's Day 2020. They also painted a picture about children's rights which was over 100 square meters. Let us know how you are celebrating in your school! Email us at or tweet using the hashtag #WorldChildrensDay

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