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Neonatal Conferences

Our neonatal conferences provide the chance for health professionals supporting neonatal units to come together, share ideas, and hear from experts in the field about the latest research on improving standards of care for the most vulnerable babies and their families.

The 2021 Neonatal Conference will take place online this year on 15th June 2021 from 9am-5pm, featuring an exciting lineup of informative talks, interactive Q&A and panel sessions that showcase the innovations of organisations and individuals working in the fields of neonatal care, infant feeding and relationship building.

Learn more and book your space at this year’s Neonatal Conference here.


Click on the podcasts below to listen to two speaker presentations by Inga Warren, Karen Read and Louise Rattenbury from the 2017 neonatal conference.

Baby Friendly news and updates

For news on Baby Friendly standards in neonatal units and to hear about future events and conferences, please subscribe to our mailing list. You can also sign up to your local neonatal NIFN network.  The National Infant Feeding Network is a network of dedicated health professionals supporting neonatal units to improve standards of care in the UK for sick and preterm babies and their families.




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