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Speak out on air pollution and for
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OutRight empowers children and young people to realise their own rights, and to speak out in support of the rights of all children.

This year OutRight is focusing on air pollution and protecting children’s right to health and a safe, clean environment.  We need your support to empower children and young people to stand up for clean air.  Don’t worry if you didn’t take part last year though, as this campaign is open to all schools and youth organisations.

Join us!

Get involved to help young people learn about air pollution, and ensure their voices are heard by key political decision-makers, like your local MP and the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, as well as people in your local community. Your support will contribute to a key area of Unicef UK’s work.

Children have been measuring the quality of the air they breathe at school. Photo: Unicef/2018/Dawe

“It’s a problem that’s happening to everyone," says Sadman, 10. "It’s harder for children because they’ve got smaller lungs. It’s harder for them to breathe if air pollution is there."

Yes, I want to speak out on children's rights

Sign up for OutRight 2018

Who can join?

Any school or youth organisation in the UK can take part. All you need to do is register here  or email outright@unicef.org.uk.

We provide you with free supporting resources to help you facilitate the OutRight campaign. These resources are available from the middle of August and will be emailed to those who register.

When does Outright take place?

OutRight starts in September, with a key day of celebration on 20 November, World Children’s Day, and continues until April/May.

Schools and youth organisations can sign up for OutRight and participate in activities any time during the school year.

Why clean air?

  • One third of all children in the UK live in areas with the most harmful air pollution
  • Article 24 of the UNCRC states that every child has the right to the best possible health

Any questions?

If you have any questions about OutRight, you can email us at  outright@unicef.org.uk or phone our Supporter Care team on 0300 330 5580.

Xiomara holds up a diffusion tube, which she and her classmates has been using to measure how clean the air in their playground is. Photo: Unicef/2018/Dawe

"When I walk home, sometimes I take this route through the park so sometimes I breathe in clean air," says Xiomara. "But other times it’s really bad because I walk right next to the main road."

My class has been measuring the quality of the air in our local area and we were shocked with what we found.

The children and parents seem much more engaged with this issue and are now taking new routes to school along quieter, cleaner roads.

What’s happened in our school is really positive, but more needs to be done to protect children consistently across the UK. All schools urgently need dedicated programmes that will help them to do this kind of work.

Leah, Primary School Teacher