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We have recently published The evidence and rationale for the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative standards, which collates the considerable body of knowledge and skills, research, practice and policy around breastfeeding and relationship building into one place.

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  • Two babies UNICEF UK/Jill Jennings 2009

    Breastfeeding research - An overview There has been significant reliable evidence produced over recent years to show that breastfeeding is a major contributor to public health and has an important role to play in reducing health inequalities even in the industrialised countries of the world.

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    Allergy Research on the impact of early infant feeding on subsequent allergic disease 

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    Asthma Research into the association between breastfeeding and developing asthma. 

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    Baby Friendly Initiative Research from around the world on the impact of implementing Baby Friendly standards and practices in health-care settings. 

  • Step 9 UNICEF UK/Jill Jennings 2006

    Bed-sharing and infant sleep Research on how bed-sharing and other infant sleep practices impact on feeding. 

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    Blood pressure Research on breastfeeding and its association with blood pressure rates in children. 

  • Care Pathways UNICEF UK/Jill Jennings 2009

    Breast cancer Breastfeeding and its impact on the risk of developing breast cancer. 

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    Childhood cancers The preventative effect of breastfeeding on various childhood cancers. 

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    Cholesterol levels Research papers looking at breastfeeding and cholesterol levels.