A mother holds one of her twins born premature in skin-to-skin contact on the neonatal unit.

Expressing milk on the neonatal unit

A resource for parents by Healthier Scotland and UNICEF UK

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This parent-facing leaflet provides information on expressing breastmilk and includes a helpful chart to record how expressing is going

The breastmilk you produce for your baby is unique. Research shows that the earlier you start and the more often you express, the more milk you will produce for your baby. This is really important, especially in the early days and weeks after birth.

Parents are invited to use this leaflet produced by Healthier Scotland and UNICEF UK to learn more about the value of breastmilk and kangaroo care (or skin-to-skin) for a preterm or unwell baby. It also includes detailed instructions on how to hand express, as well as important information on using a breast pump.



Neonatal National Infant Feeding Network

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