Optimising maternal breastmilk for preterm infants

A quality improvement toolkit by BAPM

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November 2022

Optimising maternal breastmilk for preterm infants: A two-part quality improvement toolkit

The British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) has published the second instalment of a two-part toolkit aimed at supporting the implementation of ten core elements to optimise the provision of maternal breastmilk for preterm infants.

Part 1 (November 2020) focuses on antenatal education, parents as partners in their baby’s care, early initiation of colostrum, expressing and skin-to-skin contact after birth.

Part 2 (September 2022) provides guidance on sustaining lactation and transitioning to breastfeeding thoughout the neonatal stay, positive oral touch and non-nutritive sucking, responding to challenges, and an infant-led approach to the transition to responsive feeding.

 Learn more and access this toolkit here.