A mother of twins holds her babies in skin-to-skin contact on the neonatal unit.

The use of donor human milk in neonates

Revised BAPM Framework for Practice

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4 April 2023 

A revised BAPM Framework for Practice outlines best practice use of donor human milk for neonates.

The Framework aligns with the Neonatology Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) Report recommendation that donor human milk should be available for high risk preterm infants in the absence of sufficient mother’s own milk, and advocates for equity of access across all neonatal units and networks.

The guidance relates primarily to donor human milk use in hospital environments rather than use in the community. Recommendations are therefore applicable to:

  • All healthcare professionals who look after babies in neonatal units, transitional care, postnatal and paediatric wards.
  • Families of babies cared for in these environments.
  • Commissioners and providers of neonatal and allied services.

Learn more and access the Framework on BAPM’s website

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