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Please note that we are currently reviewing this package.  If you are a current user with a username and password, login here. If you are interested in purchasing the package please contact us.

This online training package has been developed to provide GPs with all the information they require to support mothers and meet the requirements for Baby Friendly accreditation. It should take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

Following completion, GPs should know:

  • How breastfeeding works;
  • How to treat common breast conditions (e.g. mastitis, thrush);
  • How to access a reliable reference source for prescribing drugs for breastfeeding mothers;
  • How to refer mothers to the most appropriate professional for breastfeeding help and support (particularly when a baby is failing to thrive).

Once GPs have completed the training, an email will automatically be sent to the Baby Friendly project lead so that they can accurately track progress. GPs can then print off a certificate for their CPPE / CPD portfolio.