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Qualifications Framework Programme

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Congratulations to the graduates of the Qualifications Framework Programme.

Below is the register of Qualified Leaders, Practitioners and Advocates.



  • Maria Buckton BFIqL
  • Hazel Duckworth BFIqL
  • Ruth Fromow BFIqL
  • Jo Glossop BFIqL with Distinction 
  • Kimberley Hastings BFIqL
  • Abbie Durrant-Milnes BFIqL
  • Gillian McMillan BFIqL with Distinction 
  • Deborah Stuart BFIqL


  • Anne-Marie Bruce BFIqL
  • Emma Cawsey BFIqL
  • Eithne Clarke BFIqL with Distinction 
  • Laura Crane BFIqL
  • Janice Cull BFIqL
  • Rachel Dowdell BFIqL
  • Naomie Farrell BFIqL
  • Zoe Gibson BFIqL
  • Alison Greaves BFIqL
  • Daisy Gresswell BFIqL
  • Claire Higgins BFIqL
  • Kirsty Jenkins BFIqL
  • Iris Johns BFIqL
  • Sarah Johnson BFIqL
  • Jenny Larkins BFIqL
  • Lisa Locke BFIqL
  • Hazel Meyer BFIqL
  • Emily MisciosciaBFIqL with Distinction 
  • Colette Palin BFIqL
  • Bethany Ribton BFIqL
  • Baljit Wilkhu BFIqL
  • Rebecca Wise-Miles BFIqL


  • Louise Armstrong BFIqL with Distinction 
  • Louise Brewer BFIqL
  • Janet Dalzell BFIqL with Distinction 
  • Gillian Denton BFIqL
  • Shereen Fisher BFIqLwith Distinction 
  • Jenny Gilbert BFIqL with Distinction 
  • Elizabeth Gunn BFIqL
  • Karen Read BFIqL with Distinction 


  • Donna Mary Butler BFIqL with Distinction 
  • Nawal El Amrani BFIqL
  • Sophie Finnerty BFIqL
  • Rachel Gallimore BFIqL
  • Sally Goodwin-Mills BFIqL with Distinction
  • Smita Hanciles BFIqL with Distinction
  • Elizabeth Hood BFIqL
  • Melissa Kallat BFIqL
  • Kate Lynch BFIqL



  • Ellisa Bones BFIqP
  • Heather Clark BFIqP
  • Leah Crompton BFIqP
  • Lauren Eppleston BFIqP
  • Sharon Gow-Miller BFIqP
  • Clare Haynes BFIqP
  • Beverley Hynes BFIqP
  • Elaine McGerigal BFIqP
  • Farhana Nasir BFIqP
  • Jane Richardson BFIqP
  • Tracy Thornton BFIqP
  • Hayley Vernon BFIqP
  • Claire Williams BFIqP


  • Katy Beck BFIqP
  • Jo Clarke BFIqP
  • Sharon Gilchrist BFIqP
  • Karen Heeney BFIqP with Distinction
  • Hannah Phipps BFIqP
  • Hayley Poulsom BFIqP


  • Zoe Salter BFIqP



  • Amanda Chapman BFIqA
  • Melynda Grubb BFIqA
  • Laura Quinn BFIqA
  • Edwina Revel BFIqA with Distinction
  • Susan Short BFIqA with Distinction


  • Isabel Boyer BFIqA with Distinction
  • Jayne Braun BFIqA
  • Gemma Channon BFIqA
  • Julie Cuthbertson-Allison BFIqA
  • Laura Downie BFIqA with Distinction
  • Jennifer Fowler BFIqA
  • Katie Hamilton BFIqA
  • Laura Kearney with Distinction
  • Alicia Lappin BFIqA
  • Georgia Leech with Distinction
  • Maria Muritalah BFIqA
  • Kat Prangle BFIqA


  • Hannah Dalgety BFIqA
  • Sarah Edwards BFIqA with Distinction
  • Kirstin Worsley BFIqA


  • Jayne Coward-Worrall BFIqA
  • Cara Jamieson BFIqA


For a closer look at the Qualifications Framework Programme, listen to a new podcast developed by members of the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative and the Qualifications Framework Board, featuring our newly Qualified Leaders, Sally Goodwin-Mills BFIqL and Donna Mary Butler BFIqL.

Listen to “Celebrating success the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Qualifications” on Spreaker.

Page last updated: January 2022. This page is updated bi-annually; for any further details or queries please email the Baby Friendly office.

The course was really good for someone like me who has a background in infant feeding. You could press the pause button and reflect and think where you have gotten to - and how to move forward.
Qualified Leader, 2020 Cohort