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These steps will help you work towards Bronze: Rights Committed.

Before you start working towards Bronze, please visit out Getting Started page and ensure that you have registered with us.

This stage of the Award is a planning stage. We require you to complete a Bronze Application Form and send that through to your Professional Adviser as part of your application for Bronze.

To help you to understand your school’s starting point, you may find it helpful to use our staff and pupil questionnaires. (The questionnaires are mandatory for schools in Scotland.)  There is guidance about completing these here and the RRSA Questionnaire Findings Form is on our Bronze Forms and Guides page

Our team will review it, send you some feedback and we will award your school Bronze-Rights Committed.

Completing your Bronze Application Form

We recommend you become familiar with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and understand the principles and processes that underpin your Rights Respecting work before you submit your application form.

To make this easy we provide access for RRSA Coordinators (the person leading the Award in your school)  to our online learning course, Achieving Bronze.  Once you are registered with us we will send you access details in your welcome email. You can also email us for access if you have not received or misplaced these details. We also run regular Achieving Bronze training sessions which can be booked here.

Once you have completed the training courses, we recommend completing your Bronze Application Form soon after. Use the ‘RAG rating’ to prioritise your areas for development. And use our Teaching and Learning Toolbox to help you identify actions to strengthen each Strand of your planning.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via email or through our Facebook community group.

Including pupils, staff, parents and governors.

Read more about informing your whole school community, including some resources on how to do so, here.

Take a look at our introducing the CRC webpage. You will find a Summary of the CRC, as well as the CRC in full.

Our Myths and Misconceptions about the CRC booklet is also really handy.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child also exists in other languages:

* Sourced from Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland

Read some guidance about setting up the Steering Group.

Review your school practice against the Silver Outcome Descriptors for each of the three RRSA Strands.

Asking pupils and staff to complete our short questionnaires will help you in this process.

“RAG rate” each descriptor and record in the RAG column of the Action Plan for Silver within the Bronze Application. Find some guidance and the Action Plan for Silver form here.

Find the Bronze Application Form here.

Use the “RAG rating” to prioritise your areas for development.

Use our Teaching and Learning Toolbox to help you identify actions to strengthen each Strand.

When you have completed the above steps, send your Bronze Application Form to your regional Professional Adviser.

Within the email:

  • Explain how you have informed the whole school community that the school is working on the RRSA
  • Confirm that you have an active Steering Group helping to lead your RRSA work

Attach the following documents to your email:

  • Action Plan for Silver

Once you have submitted your Bronze Application Form, your Professional Adviser will look through and let you know if they have any questions.

If everything is in order, your Professional Adviser will award your school at Bronze: Rights Committed. You will be notified of this by an email from your Professional Adviser, followed by an email from the RRSA office which will contain a link to the Bronze: Rights Committed logo. A printed certificate will also be posted to you.

Informing your whole school community

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Introducing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

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Guidance for steering group

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Bronze Forms and Guides

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