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The Award improves the lives of children in the UK by taking a whole school approach to putting children’s rights at the heart of school policy and practice.

We are making children’s rights a lived reality in over 4,800 schools, for 1.6 million children across in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern  Ireland.

Governments and adults have an obligation to make rights known to children but more than that, teaching and learning about rights within school can improve engagement in learning, make
children feel safe in school and create mutually respectful relationships between adults and children.  In 2017 we found that children in Rights Respecting schools feel:

  • SAFE in school.
  • RESPECTED by and enjoy supportive relationships with the adults who care for them.
  • ENGAGED within their education, their local community and the global agenda.


  • 1534 schools are Bronze: Rights Committed with 466 achieving this in 2017.
  • 1396 are Silver: Rights Aware with 316 achieving this in 2017.
  • 394 are Gold: Rights Respecting with 89 achieving this in 2017.

Last year we introduced new measures to see the impact the Award has had for individual children as well as whole schools. The findings here draw on questionnaires with children and staff and headteachers’ reports. Throughout the report, we present a comparison of headteachers’ ratings at Silver and Gold. The data consistently shows not only a strong endorsement for the impact of the Award, but also that the impact increases as schools progress from Bronze to Gold. In every case, headteachers at Gold schools report increased impact compared with Silver schools.

In this report we also draw on the perspectives of others across the school, gathered and recorded in the assessment processes themselves. These quotes from children and young people, parents and
staff in the schools provide a richer picture of how the Award has impacted on them and others in the school community. We draw on recent school inspection reports, taken from Ofsted (in England), Estyn (in Wales),  Education Scotland and the Education Training Inspectorate (in Northern Ireland), to provide an independent view on how the Award contributes to overall school performance. In September 2017 we introduced new questionnaires to gather data directly from children and young people just prior to their schools assessment at Bronze, Silver and Gold. Since this system is new, the numbers completing these questionnaires in 2017 are relatively small – a total of 60 schools across the UK.

You can view our 2016 Impact Report here.

Summary - Impact Report 2017

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