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The Award improves the lives of children in the UK by taking a whole school approach to putting children’s rights at the heart of school policy and practice.

Our 2018 survey results showed that child rights education plays a key role in developing children and young people as active, engaged local and global citizens. Children in Rights Respecting Schools feel safe in school, respected by and enjoy supportive relationships with the adults who care for them and engaged with their local community, their education and the global agenda. These results hold true from our survey in 2017.

Over 1.7 million children in the UK go to a Rights Respecting School and over 5,000 schools in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are working through the Award. In 2018:

  • 1256 schools were registered, including 587 registering that year.
  • 1712 schools were Bronze: Rights Committed, with 556 awarded that year.
  • 1546 schools were Silver: Rights Aware, with 308 awarded that year.
  • 490 schools were Gold: Rights Respecting, with 143 awarded that year.

Our quantitative and qualitive results found that Child Rights Education through RRSA often enhances and strengthens effective practice within a school. Rights have been described as a ‘heartbeat’ in school life; like a ‘golden thread’ or ‘stick of rock’ that underpins and informs their practice. In a Rights Respecting School a child rights-based approach underpins school culture, ethos and relationships as well as the more tangible changes to practice, policy and environment. By the third stage of the Award, Gold, schools achieve positive performance across a broad range of outcomes:

  • Children know about their rights and support the rights of others locally and globally.
  • Children feel happier in themselves.
  • Children feel safe in school.
  • Children are engaged in their education.
  • Adults have positive relationships and enjoy their job.

You can view our 2017 Impact Report here and our 2016 Impact Report here.

Summary - Impact Report 2018

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