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All universities providing courses in midwifery and health visiting/public health nursing are encouraged to register their intention to implement the standards.

Register of intent

It is easy to register intent: download the Register of Intent form, then fill in the form, giving details of your department and the key individuals responsible for implementing the standards. The Baby Friendly Initiative will then record details of your department and its intentions and provide key individuals with information and support as the standards are implemented.

Key staff may also wish to join the Baby Friendly Initiative e-mailing service. This free service provides updates on new research into breastfeeding and news from the Baby Friendly Initiative. It is particularly valuable for staff who are responsible for educating staff about implementing the standards in the clinical areas. Click here to sign up.

Once you have filled in the register of intent, you can being working towards a Certificate of Commitment.

Certificate of Commitment

A Certificate of Commitment is awarded when the university has developed an action plan for how the requirements for full accreditation are to be met.

In order to apply for a Certificate of Commitment, your university department must submit:

  • written confirmation from the head of department, within the Certificate of Commitment application form, that the standards will be implemented.
  • Confirmation that no sponsorship or similar funding from the bottle feeding industry will be accepted and that no teaching in the department will be delivered by staff employed by such companies.
  • an action plan that:
    • includes all the actions required to implement the standards
    • presents a realistic and relevant timeline
    • identifies key staff responsible for implementing the listed actions.

Next steps

Register of Intent form


Certificate of Commitment application form