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The UK’s low breastfeeding rates is a pressing public health issue. We are holding an event for MPs on the 5th of December, asking them to pledge their support for breastfeeding. We need you to write to your MP, to encourage them to attend.

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In 2016 we called upon the UK and devolved governments to implement four key actions (detailed in our Call to Action – see download link on this page) to create a supportive, enabling environment for women who want to breastfeed. This is changing the conversation around breastfeeding, by stopping laying the responsibility for this major public health issue in the laps of individual women and acknowledging the role that politics and society has to play at every level.

As the latest phase in our campaign, we are asking MPs to pledge their support for breastfeeding, with three simple steps:

  • Commit to making their workplace breastfeeding friendly
  • Support their local health services to become Baby Friendly
  • Champion the Baby Friendly Initiative Call to Action campaign in Parliament

This is where we need your help. Constituents’ voices are so important in raising MPs’ awareness of these issues and the need for action. Please write to your MP asking them to attend the event to make the pledge. We’ll be sharing the pledges on social media, and MPs who can’t attend can join in online.

By making this simple pledge, MPs will show that they recognise the importance of breastfeeding to the health and wellbeing of babies and mothers, and are committed to taking action to support it. Contact your MP now.


Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative Call to Action


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Further information

In the UK breastfeeding is a highly emotive subject because so many families have not breastfed, or have experienced the trauma of trying very hard to breastfeed and not succeeding. No parent should have to feel the pain of any implication that they have not done the best for their child, but the UK context has become so fraught that conversations about breastfeeding are shut down.

Powerful new evidence about the benefits of breastfeeding provides a compelling case to alter prevailing attitudes and practices. Three ground-breaking pieces of research funded by the Gates Foundation highlight the practical, emotional and cultural barriers that still stand in the way of women breastfeeding and underline the importance of breastfeeding in improving health, saving lives and reducing costs in every country in the world, rich or poor.

Our Call to Action outlines four key actions governments can take actions to create a supportive, enabling environment for women who want to breastfeed. For more details, follow the links below.