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The state of support services for mums and babies

A survey of infant feeding leads

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11 July 2017

In 2016 we launched a Call to Action campaign urging UK governments to take steps to support and promote breastfeeding and to protect all babies from commercial interests. A key aspect of this is ensuring that mothers and babies are properly supported from pregnancy right through to the early weeks and months of a child’s life. To understand the level of support that families are receiving, we asked Infant Feeding Leads representing hospital and community services across England to tell us about the provisions in their area. The infographic below shares what they told us; worryingly, they report that many services are being cut and impacting the level of support that mothers and babies receive.  We will be taking these findings, along with this briefing document to Ministers over the coming months.

Please join us in our call on UK governments to improve care for all families and create a supportive environment for breastfeeding in the UK.

View the infographic.

State of support services infographic


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