Evidence and rationale: The Unicef UK Baby Friendly Standards

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The evidence and rationale for the Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative standards, published in 2013, brings together all the evidence behind Baby Friendly’s new standards around breastfeeding and relationship-building.

Its aim is to collate the considerable body of knowledge and skills, research, practice and policy into one place. The work critically analyses the available evidence and highlights both good practice and gaps in the current information.

Please also consult this website for the most recent major evidence for the importance of breastfeeding and the effectiveness of the Baby Friendly Initiative:

The new Baby Friendly Initiative standards, introduced at the end of 2012 following a large consultation involving clinicians, academics, policy makers and mothers, incorporate the previously used Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding in Hospital and the Seven Point Plan for Sustaining Breastfeeding in the Community, but update and expand them to fully reflect the latest evidence around delivering the best outcomes for mothers and babies in the UK.


The Evidence and Rationale for the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Standards