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Best Beginnings videos

From Bump to Breastfeeding

Below is a selection of videos from the Best Beginnings ‘From Bump to Breastfeeding’ series. Find out more on the Best Beginnings website.

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Positioning and attachment

A breastfeeding counsellor helps a mother with her positioning and attachment whilst breastfeeding.

Positioning and attachment video

Ineffective attachment

This clip shows how ineffective attachment happens and how it can cause sore nipples.

Poor attachment video

First breastfeed

Two sets of mothers and babies have their first breastfeeds in this clip.

First breastfeed video

Baby-led feeding

This clip shows how baby-led feeding happens in practice.

Introducing your child to solid food

This clip looks at how parents introduce their child to solid food.

Introducing your child to solid food video

Continued breastfeeding

Two mothers talk about continuing to breastfeed their child after six months.

Continued breastfeeding video

Breastfeeding problems

Some mothers encounter problems with breastfeeding. This clip shows how they are usually caused and how to avoid them.

Breastfeeding problems video

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