Joint neonatal projects infosheet

This infosheet explains how neonatal units in the UK can implement the Baby Friendly neonatal standards as a joint project.

Although not the only option, supporting groups of neonatal units to move forward as a joint project is proving to be an enabling and cost effective choice. The benefits of creating a joint project include:

  • It is cost effective to provide joint training in the local area compared with individual members of staff attending open courses, both in terms of price per student and travel and accommodation costs.
  • Baby Friendly leads are able to access a bespoke, full package of required training and materials. In doing so they gain the skills to effectively and efficiently implement the Baby Friendly standards.The mutual support and learning that results from being part of a group is reported to be highly valued and motivating.
  • There is emerging evidence to suggest that UK neonatal units involved in a project are making faster progress towards Baby Friendly accreditation than those not part of a project.
  • It is possible to co-ordinate a consistent evaluation of effectiveness across all units involved.

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