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During the Gold accreditation a school is assessed at the highest level of the Award.

We recognise that schools are working in many different contexts and it is possible to accredit your school virtually as well as face-to-face. Until the end of 2020 we envisage that vast majority of accreditation will be held virtually.

Please read the guidance first and when you want to book, contact the RRSA team by email with a section of date options.

Gold Virtual Accreditation - Suggested Programme


Gold virtual Accreditation - Guidance and Costs


Before the visit

1. Complete the school evaluation form

Complete the School Evaluation: Gold form to check you are ready for your accreditation visit. Identify:

  • How has the outcome been achieved?
  • What difference has been made?
  • What evidence do you have?

The form is to be completed by senior leaders. You may include feedback from staff and pupil questionnaires, reports from your school inspection body, comments from parents, etc.

Find the School Evaluation Gold form here.

As the accreditation will be virtual, the School Evaluation form needs to contain enough detail for the assessor to see what you have achieved.

2. Request a date

Request a date.

Contact with two or three potential dates. Your request will then be shared with an assessor who will contact you to confirm the date and to request a purchase order number for the cost of the assessment. See costs section at the bottom of this page for the costs for your school.

3. Prepare your evidence

Bring together the evidence of your RRSA journey that can be shared with us digitally. Think about what you would want us to see or hear about if we were visiting you.

This might include some of the following:

  • planning documents linked to articles
  • examples of policies
  • reference to rights in the school improvement plan
  • a selection of pupils’ work across different year groups
  • assemblies or an assembly planner
  • photographs of displays – choose your three favourite ones
  • photographs of some class charters
  • minutes from steering group or school council meetings
  • campaigning or fundraising you have been involved in
  • a selection of emails or letters from parents and governors exemplifying the impact of RRSA
  • links to relevant website pages, Twitter feeds etc.

Please organise by Strands if possible. Some schools send this as PowerPoint presentation. Don’t make it too large otherwise it will be difficult to send.

We will delete all materials sent after the accreditation report is completed.

4. Send over your documents

Two weeks before the assessment date please send:

  • School Evaluation: Gold
  • School Questionnaire Summary (if possible, if they have already been completed)
  • Evidence Portfolio

The Gold Virtual Accreditation – Suggested Programme document will provide an outline of how you should structure the assessment.

5. Check the video platform

The day before arrange to check the video platform: Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams etc. so you can be sure that everything works.

During the visit

6. Identify a member of staff

Make sure you have identified a school member of staff to attend all sessions, ideally this will be your RRSA coordinator.

7. Plan to be flexible

Be flexible. If at any point anyone needs a break the meeting can be adjourned and we appreciate that network connections are not always reliable.

The assessor should have a short break (10-15) minutes before feeding back to the headteacher and coordinator – this allows them to clarify the highlights of the ‘visit’ they particularly want to share and to properly prepare the recommendations they wish to give you.

8. Carry out the visit

The visit will probably last between one and a half and two and a half hours.

During the accreditation, at Gold there will be two assessors who will have conversations with:

  • The headteacher and RRSA coordinator and senior leaders to discuss their role in achieving the three RRSA Strands
  • Staff, governors and parents
  • Groups of students

9. Outcome and feedback

At the end of the Gold Visit the assessors will be clear about their judgement but the confirmation of your school’s Gold Accreditation (or Reaccreditation) will not happen until after the report has been seen by our Accreditation and Standard Committee. Your assessors will let you know the outcome as soon as the decision has been made, usually after about three weeks.

After the visit

10. Receive your report, logo and banner

Assuming you are successful, you will receive a report from your assessor.

The Gold: Rights Respecting logo will be emailed to you, and you will receive a banner and certificate in the post once schools reopen.

You can display these on your school website and documentation.