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Below are a range of useful resources for parents on infant feeding and relationship building, as well as information on overcoming common breastfeeding challenges.

Find out about overcoming breastfeeding problems

You may find whilst trying to establish breastfeeding that you run into problems. Whilst these can be debilitating and painful, thankfully the most common ones can be solved relatively quickly and easily – given the right support.

Unfortunately, too often support is not available or, what is worse, mothers are told that problems such as engorgement and sore nipplesΒ are a normal part of breastfeeding. This is not true.

Here, you can read about how different problems develop, how to spot them at a early stage and how to solve them, either by yourself, or with the support of a health professional.

There are various mother support groups who you can contact for infant feeding support:

Find more useful organisations.

Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby. If you decide not to breastfeed or to stop breastfeeding, it is possible to restart. Giving infant formula to a breastfed baby will reduce your milk supply. You do not need to eat any special foods while breastfeeding, but it is a good idea for you, just like everyone else, to eat a healthy diet.

Resources to support you

Below is a selection of resources to support you with feeding, caring for and building a close and loving relationship with your baby.