Thank you

For adding your voice

Thanks for adding your voice to make sure that refugee children are safely reunited with their families.

This campaign is making an impact. Campaigners like you who have taken this action have already helped to reunite children who were stuck in Calais with their families in the UK.

Asif, who has been working in the UK for the past 11 years, described the moment his 14-year-old brother arrived from Calais. He described it as a blessing. “His journey [from Afghanistan] was so difficult” Asif said. “He gets a new life now, because there are many people who died in Calais”.

What else can I do?

By taking action now, you are helping us to call on the Government to also reunite the many children in Italy, Greece and across Europe who are still waiting to be reunited with their family. Help us add names to the petition by sharing it with your friends and family.

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A girl comforts her younger sister in Idomeni, Greece. Unicef 2016 Georgiev

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A boy helps a younger child over a ditch in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Unicef 2016 Georgiev

Have you met Yana?

We’re also working to make sure that the children of Syria are safe as they face another bitter winter. Our latest film shines a light on Yana, a Syrian refugee, who is facing another bitterly cold winter.

This winter, we’re providing clothes and essential supplies for over 2.5 million children in Syria and Iraq as well as those who’ve taken refuge in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. A thermal blanket can provide vital warmth for children, so that they are safe and healthy and can continue going to school.

You can help us reach more children. A donation of just £30 could provide enough thermal blankets to help keep 10 Syrian children warm this winter.

Watch: It begins with a blanket

Help keep a Syrian child safe and warm this winter

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