Group of children holding a bake sale at school
Group of children holding a bake sale at school

Fundraise at your school

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On your marks, get set, fundraise! There are lots of fun ways your school can fundraise to support UNICEF’s vital work for children.

Download our handy school fundraising guide which contains everything you need to kickstart your school fundraising.

Kickstart your school fundraising

Download fundraising guide (PDF)

Top tips for fundraising at school

Get creative

The first step to fundraising is choosing your activity. Get your school together to vote for your favourite fundraising ideas. From dress up days to sponsored silences, there’s something for everyone.

Set your fundraising target

This is a great way to keep everyone motivated. Download and print our fundraising totaliser poster and place somewhere prominent in your school for all to see.

Create your online fundraising page

Get online to create your school’s online fundraising page. This is the easiest way to collect donations and the money reaches us automatically. Win!

Share, share and share again!

Make as much noise as you can to let everyone know what your school is doing and why. Use our editable fundraising materials to help you spread the word.

Fundraising ideas for schools

Want to fundraise but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.

UNICEF-themed mufti day

Everyone loves to dress up (or down). Charge £1 (or donation of your choice) to ditch the blazers, ties and shirts. Why not challenge everyone to wear one blue item to match our UNICEF brand colour?

School disco

Sell tickets, get those dancing shoes on and raise money for UNICEF in the process!

Sports day

Egg and spoon at the ready…include a parent and child challenge in your annual sports day and ask the parents to donate to enter. Or turn on-the-day refreshments into an opportunity for people to donate.

Talent show

Dance, sing and show your talents for UNICEF. £5 per entry and sell tickets for the show to loved ones.

Quiz fundraiser

Get quizzical! Put pupils and parents to the test with a UNICEF-themed quiz night. Do you know how many countries we work in?

It’s payback time

Place bids on the teachers! Whoever bids the most wins the option to ask them to do anything (within reason…). Think obstacle challenges, throwing water balloons or dressing up in a silly costume for the day.

Sponsored silence

An idea that’s sure to be popular with teachers. See if you can manage a silent morning, with a prize for the quietest class.

Bake sale bonanza

Whip up some tasty treats and hold a classic bake sale.


Set a target distance and get the whole school involved in a sponsored walk.

Guessing jar

Try your luck with a guessing jar. You can fill your jar with almost anything – marbles, sweets, paper clips – then simply charge people to guess the quantity. The person with the closest answer wins a prize.

Football tournament

Organise a 5-aside footie tournament for pupils, teachers and parents. Simply pay to play.

World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day with a sponsored read. Read for as many minutes as they can over the course of a week and ask for sponsorship per 100 words.

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