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Leaving a lasting legacy

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When you give a Gift in your Will, you can have a transformative effect on children’s lives

At UNICEF UK, we are united by the belief that every child deserves a healthy, happy childhood.

Our reach is global. We’re providing children in over 190 countries, including the UK, with what they need. That means clean water, vaccines, a good education and a nutritious diet, essentials that have a huge impact on children’s lives and futures.

One of the most powerful ways that you can join us in making a difference is by leaving a gift in your Will. By doing so, you can ensure that children not only survive but thrive. 

Read more about the power of a legacy in our free Gifts in Wills guide. 

How do I leave a Gift in my Will?

Thanks to our trusted Will-writing partners, leaving a gift to UNICEF in your Will is simple. We have partnered with Co-op legal services and Freewill to put together a free Gifts in Wills guide.  You can also find information on how to make or update your Will and the impact your gift will have on children. This will help you come to a decision in your own time.

When you’ve made your decision, there is no obligation to let us know. If you do decide to tell us, it helps us plan for the future, but it’s always your call.

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