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Why campaign with Unicef?

Right now, children are in incredible danger. War and conflict is destroying children’s homes and forcing them to make dangerous journeys to find safety.

It’s happening now to children like Yana, who lived happily with her mum and dad in Syria until the war tore her family apart. She had to escape on her own and crossing the sea in a flimsy dinghy was the only way to reach her family in Europe.

We need your help to reunite children safely and legally with their families and stop them from having to take dangerous journeys.

Though 80 years separate Harry and Ahmed, their stories have harrowing similarities. War has forced both of them to flee their homes in search of safety and despite being generations apart, history is repeating itself.

Help reunite refugee children with their families now

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Campaigners Duncan and Jum at the Welcome Refugees march in September 2016. Unicef/2016/Fields
Sometimes I feel there's things that I want to change in the world but what can I do? By campaigning it's about getting big enough numbers involved.

Everybody can help - you may just be one person but collectively we have an influence.

Duncan, Unicef UK Campaigner at the Welcome Refugees March
September 2016

How does campaigning work?

We have done more to influence laws and policies to protect children than anyone else. Since launching our campaign in May 2016, the Government have pledged to bring to safety every child in the Calais settlement who has family in the UK. This is a tremendous achievement and will change the lives of children and their families. Asif, who has been working in the UK for the past 11 years, described his 14-year-old brother’s arrival from Calais as “a blessing”. “His journey [from Afghanistan] was so difficult” Asif said. “He gets a new life now, because there are many people who died in Calais”.

But we must not stop here. There are many more children in Italy, Greece and across Europe who are still waiting to be reunited with their family. The threats children face as they travel alone across Europe to reach family in the UK, are the same as those that confronted the children in Calais. The UK must continue to fulfil its legal and moral right duty to protect refugee children from traffickers, violence and sexual exploitation.

Campaigning works. And we need you and your campaigning voice to keep more children safe.

What the story of Salma and her family, who fled the war in Syria and have finally been reunited in the UK.