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What does it mean to campaign with Unicef?

From the refugee crisis to the changing climate, children around the world are at the greatest risk when there’s danger.

We campaign to stand up for children’s rights, but we can only do this with the support of people like you. Whether it’s signing petitions, telling your MP to act, sharing our stories with your friends or raising awareness in public, these are the actions that win campaigns and help keep children safe.

We’ve done more to influence laws and policies to protect children than anyone else

We know that campaigning can make a difference. “Campaigning is about getting big enough numbers involved,” explained Duncan, a Unicef campaigner. “Everybody can help – you may just be one person but collectively we have an influence.”

Last year, we launched a campaign to reunite refugee children in Calais with their families in the UK. Thanks to the support of over 175,000 campaigners signing petitions and calling on their MP to act, Theresa May pledged to bring to safety every child in the Calais settlement who has family in the UK. This is a tremendous achievement and will change the lives of children and their families.

Watch the story of Salma and her family, who fled the war in Syria and have finally been reunited in the UK. By campaigning with us you will be helping families like Salma's.

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A girl smiles at her tent shelter in the Domiz Refugee Camp, Iraq. Unicef/2016/Schermbrucker

Our current

Campaign to reunite refugee children with their families

Children are continuing to flee from war and disaster in greater numbers that we’ve seen since World War 2. They are drowning at sea and suffocating in the back of lorries in a desperate attempt to reach safety.

We’ll be continuing our campaign to reunite more refugee children with their families. When the UK leaves the EU, refugee children will lose even this limited legal route to be reunited with family. No one intended this to happen, and if not addressed, it will have a devastating impact on vulnerable children. Leaving the EU cannot mean leaving refugee children behind, and in the hands of traffickers and smugglers.

16-year-old Pati, who lost her parents, was forced to put her life in the hands of smugglers and go through a terrifying ordeal in her search for a better life.

Campaign to protect UK Aid

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the new Parliament will oversee the biggest constitutional change since World War 2. Now more than ever, the UK Government must ensure we’re a compassionate and globally-minded nation.

We’ll be campaigning to ensure that UK aid continues to help children go to school, access clean water, survive deadly diseases and end practices like FGM.