7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund

In 2015, his tenth year as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, David Beckham launched 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund to help protect children in danger. 

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David has committed to using his powerful global voice, influence and connections to raise vital funds and encourage world leaders to create lasting positive change for children. He's working with Unicef to ensure that world leaders put children first and agree new development goals that will help end violence, preventable death and poverty for every child.

In June 2015 David visited Siem Reap in Cambodia, where he met with child victims of violence and abuse, and learnt about how Unicef and its partners are helping to protect Cambodia children. 

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David's 10 years with Unicef

David Beckham has supported Unicef since 2005, when he became a Goodwill Ambassador with a special focus on our sport for development work for children.

David has travelled extensively around the world to see Unicef’s work in action. He’s visited Sierra Leone to help focus global attention on child survival - raising awareness of the high death rate of under-fives, and how these deaths could be prevented. He’s travelled to South Africa to see Unicef's work with children and families living with HIV and AIDS. In 2011 he visited a Unicef-supported children's centre in Manila in the Philippines, and supported our East African Children's Crisis appeal to help children affected by the food crisis across the region. 

He also met the UK Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street to call for more action  to help children affected by malnutrition around the world.

In February 2014 he made a second visit to the Philippines to meet children affected by Typhoon Haiyan, and see how Unicef continues to support them with health care, counselling and safe spaces to play and learn. David's Philippines visit was part of the Soccer Aid 5 appeal, in which he saw how donations can make a difference to emergency responses. David helped launch our Philippines Typhoon children’s appeal, which raised £5.4 million in the UK alone.

David collaborated with Robbie Williams in 2014 for the launch of Unicef’s Children in Danger campaign which aims to protect children from violence, disease, hunger and the chaos of war and disaster.

In June 2015, David visited Cambodia to learn about Unicef's work for children in the country. Photo: Unicef/Caroline Irby/2015
In June 2015, David visited Cambodia to learn about Unicef's work for children in the country.Photo: Unicef/Caroline Irby/2015