Image of Young people posing for camera
Image of Young people posing for camera

Youth Advisory Board

What does the Youth Advisory Board do?

The UK Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK) has had a Youth Advisory Board since 2019. We are influenced by and amplify, their voices on our work and on children’s rights. Members help us by:

  • Being a voice on children’s rights
  • Providing insight – about what matters to children and young people
  • Raising awareness – to help other young people understand our work

Members of the 2023-25 Youth Advisory Board had a handover meeting with the 2021-23 members, at the UNICEF UK office in London in November 2023. Meet our current (2023-25) Youth Advisory Board members below!​​

Read the Youth Advisory Board blogs

Youth Advisory Board blogs

Meet the 2023-2025 Youth Advisory Board

Dev is from Leicester and is a Member of Youth Parliament (Youth MP) and food activist, passionate about challenging the injustices of the food system. This activism has included delivering a Food Charter to Downing Street and advising multinational companies on food policy.

Finn is from Scotland and has over four years of experience in youth politics and youth advisory roles, through his work with Young Scot and Scottish Youth Parliament. Finn’s work focuses predominantly on raising rights awareness, and rights improvement across sectors such as education.

Tiana is from London and is passionate in their belief of the power of the individual to spearhead change. Tiana has campaigned within NHS England for promotion of education around mental health rights, as well as working to spread awareness concerning the struggles of LGBTQ+ individuals within London, and increasing public focus around the neuro-divergent community.

Macey is from South Wales and has spent her time working in her local community. Macey is passionate about amplifying girls’ voices, promoting gender equality, and discussing matters affecting girls.

Kaius is from Berkshire and is passionate about using storytelling to help those in need and to amplify their voices. Kaius is particularly interested in mental health as one of the leading issues affecting children and teenagers today.


Ruby is from Northern Ireland and growing up in Northern Ireland, the importance of peace, reconciliation and tolerance has long resonated with her. Ruby is particularly passionate about championing the views of young people who otherwise, marginalized by society, would fly under the radar.

Shafa is from Scotland. Growing up in as a wheelchair user has taught her the importance of an inclusive and diverse society. She believes that everyone deserves to live in a world where there are no barriers causing them to feel left out and unable to participate.

Jonathan is from Cheshire and is an active member of his local Youth Council, and a member of the UK Parliament’s Youth Select Committee. Jonathan has campaigned for education around antisemitism, something which is very important to him.