Margaret was Head of DFID’s 2005 Unit preparing for the UK’s presidency of the G8 Summit and European Union in that year, with action on Africa and climate change as the key objectives.  Previously, she was Head of Department responsible for the International Financial Institutions (the World Bank and Regional Development Banks, and working closely with HM Treasury on the IMF).  She had also been Head of DFID’s Finance Department, and responsible for UK aid programmes in Sudan and Uganda, making several official visits to both countries.

With degrees in occupational psychology, Margaret Cund began her career with the Metropolitan Police as a psychologist.  After transferring to the Civil Service, she joined HM Treasury with responsibility for public expenditure on overseas aid, in the course of which she made an official visit to Malawi and Zambia, after which she opted to move to the (then) Overseas Development Administration (later DFID).

Now an active member of the DFID alumni association, she has developed her interest in heritage, serving on the National Trust’s Midlands Regional Advisory Board, and is their representative Trustee of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust where she is a member of the Executive Committee, Audit Committee and a Trustee of the Pensions Scheme.

She maintains her interest in developing countries, and over the past 18 months has visited Egypt, China, South Africa and Swaziland. Margaret has been a member of the board of trustees since June 2013.