Supermodel, actress and businesswoman Claudia Schiffer became a Unicef Ambassador in 1997. Since then she has travelled to Bangladesh to take part in Unicef's International Immunisation Day and seen our work first hand in the field.

Claudia actively supported Unicef's Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign working to protect the rights of children affected by HIV and AIDS. Claudia also recorded a filmed message for the launch of our Mother & Baby Inspired Gift Pack.

Claudia continues to support the invaluable fundraising efforts of our corporate partners by attending events, promoting partnerships and recording filmed messages.

Most recently Claudia recorded a voiceover in English, German and French to be played on every one of easyJet's 1,200 daily flights, appealing for donations to Unicef's immunisation programmes for children. The partnership raised over £800,000 in just six months!

Claudia Schiffer joins a polio immunisation drive in Bangladesh  © UNICEF/HQ00-0607/Paula Bronstein
Claudia Schiffer (right), who is wearing an arm band that bears the Unicef logo, administers a dose of oral polio vaccine, during an immunization session in a village in the remote Chittagong Hill Tracts tribal area, Bangladesh.© UNICEF/HQ00-0607/Paula Bronstein