Unicef was selected at the start of the 2008/09 season as the Rangers Charity Foundation's international partner. Rangers is the charity's only Scottish football partner and only the sixth partner club in world football alongside the likes of Barcelona, Manchester United and Brondby.

In 2013, the Rangers Charity Foundation annouced it's support for Unicef's vaccination work to protect the world's children against the spread of diseases such as measles, polio and typhoid. Too many children are in danger from deadly, yet preventable diseases. The killer six diseases such as tetanus, tuberculosis and whooping cough are all easily and cheaply preventable by one simple vaccine and thanks to the Foundation who have pledged £300,000 towards vaccinations, Unicef can reach even more children. 

The Foundation have previously funded Unicef's work in Togo with a project to reconstruct and equip seven healthcare centres. The Foundation pledged £200,000 for the two year project which are helping to improve the lives of thousands of children and their families by providing better access to basic medical care, water and sanitation facilities and life-saving nutrition for malnourished children. 125,000 children and their families in Togo's Kara region are being supported by the health centres. 

In 2008/09 the Foundation funded an education programme in Rajasthan, India. The programme aimed to increase school admissions; improve the learning environment and teaching facilities and fund a campaign that identifies and helps young girls who have been unable to complete primary school.

Rangers Chief Executive Martin Bain and Walter Smith launch the club’s work with UNICEF in Togo. © Rangers/2010 /Kirk O’Rourke
Rangers Chief Executive Martin Bain and Walter Smith launch the club’s work with UNICEF in Togo.© Rangers/2010 /Kirk O’Rourke
Rangers staff and Togolese children. © UNICEF UK/Togo 2010/Leisha Braithwaite
Rangers Charity Manager Connal Cochrane and Chief Executive Martin Bain with children in Togo who have benefited from health centres funded by Rangers. © UNICEF UK/Togo 2010/Leisha Braithwaite
Rangers / UNICEF logo © Rangers / UNICEF
Rangers / UNICEF logo© Rangers / UNICEF