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In 2018, Unicef and Rangers Charity Foundation celebrated their 10 year partnership anniversary. Rangers is Unicef’s only Scottish football partner and only the fifth partner club in world football alongside the likes of Barcelona and Manchester United.

Keeping children safe in emergencies

Over the last 10 years the club has raised over £660,000 to support a variety of causes including education, health and emergency relief. Since 2016 the club has been supporting Unicef’s Children’s Emergency Fund which enables Unicef to respond immediately to help children caught up in emergencies, without having to wait to launch a public appeal.  The Children’s Emergency Fund is vital when an emergency may not have attracted wide attention or where interest has waned.

A longstanding partnership

Prior to this, Rangers supported Unicef’s vaccination work to protect children against the spread of preventable diseases such as measles, polio and typhoid. An total of £300,000 was raised by Rangers helping Unicef to reach 1 million children with potentially lifesaving vaccinations.

Between 2010 and 2012, Rangers supported Unicef in Togo with a project to reconstruct and equip seven healthcare centres. The Foundation pledged £200,000 for the two year project which is now helping to improve the lives 125,000 children and their families in Togo’s Kara region.

At the outset of the partnership, Rangers helped to fund an education programme in Rajasthan, India. The programme aimed to increase school admissions, particularly among young girls who may have been unable to complete primary school.

Michael Mols announces Rangers' new global initiative with Unicef.