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Diversity & Inclusion

Our 2020-23 Strategy

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice.

At UNICEF UK, we are committed to achieving diversity and inclusion through challenging institutional racism and other discriminations that are inherent in established systems, processes, and cultures.

We want to drive systemic change; therefore, we are setting ourselves the ambition of reimagining ourselves as an organisation, as part of a three-year diversity and inclusion strategy. This strategy will provide the platform for delivering important objectives that will continue to 2025 and beyond.

Our commitment

We are committed to making UNICEF UK a truly diverse and inclusive place to work so that we can deliver the best results for children.

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Our vision

A diverse and inclusive working culture that empowers and enables all our people to deliver their best work for children

Our strategic goals

  • Create a safe and open working culture by ensuring there is no statistically significant difference in engagement scores across race, disability or sexual orientation by the end of 2023
  • Achieve significantly more diverse representation across each level of seniority in our workforce to better reflect the UK population and other organisations within our sector by the end of 2025

Our enabling goals

To enable us to achieve this vision through our strategic goals, we will have:

  • Senior and Executive leaders that drive and lead change in behaviours, processes, systems and approaches that enable diversity & embed inclusive practices across the business
  • Reporting, business planning, and decision-making approaches that have a diversity and inclusion lens built-in to ensure UNICEF UK makes fair and informed business decisions and delivers inclusive and impactful programmes
  • A learning culture and approach where diversity & inclusion principles, knowledge and skills are integral

Diversity and Inclusion is fundamental to achieving UNICEF’s vision: We are here for every child without discrimination – whatever their ethnicity, sex, religion, language, abilities, or any other status; whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.

We will regularly report on progress against these strategic goals, and will publish updates annually on our website in the spirit of public accountability. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Interim Report 2021

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