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“I believe young people can make the world a better place and have the power to change it for the good.”

Cel was proudly appointed a UNICEF UK High Profile Supporter in May 2020, in recognition of his support for UNICEF programmes since 2016, in particular supporting and promoting young voices.

He is a strong advocate of UNICEF’s OutRight campaign, which empowers children and young people to realise their own rights and to speak out in support of the rights of all children. In 2023, as part of his work with OutRight, Cel recorded some guided meditation clips for children to use in schools, encouraging them to take a breath and spend time outdoors.

Cel visited a UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School in Southwark, London, to see how children were learning about their rights and the rights of children all over the world, in particular those caught up in the refugee crisis in Bangladesh.

“The children at Charles Dickens Primary told me that every child has a right to safety and a right to family. They thought refugee children would be feeling ‘scared’, ‘stressed and depressed’ and ‘weak’ right now. The children in Year 2 wrote speeches and performed them in front of the class, voicing their opinions about the rights of refugee children.”


Cel and Formula E

Cel is a passionate climate advocate. In 2021, Cel co-chaired a panel discussion with Formula E Presenter, Derin Adetosoye, as part of the London e-Prix. The discussion focused on insights from the UNICEF UK Youth Advisory Board climate sub-group, and the Formula E leadership team, on how sport organisations can facilitate youth engagement in tackling the climate crisis ahead of COP26 in 2021.

When we’re learning about and trying to protect the climate and the natural world, it can make us feel anxious. It can feel very overwhelming and we wonder what we can do. But we are a powerful force. Young people across the world are rising up and fighting for change!
Cel Spellman

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In 2019, Cel hosted the UNICEF UK Halloween Ball to raise vital funds for children in danger. Football is one of Cel’s passions and he has been involved in Soccer Aid for UNICEF, proudly supporting the games’ values of the right to play for every child.

Cel amplifies his support across his social channels and media interviews, integrating UNICEF values into his daily life and vocalising his concern for the lives of children in danger everywhere.

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UNICEF is working tirelessly to protect children, and give them hope for a happy future.

“I proudly support UNICEF because I believe that all children have the right to lead happy, healthy lives and live in a clean, safe, sustainable environment,” says Cel.

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