Working with Unicef

Launched in May 2015, the partnership between Arm and Unicef aims to unleash the power of technology to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.

This is a landmark relationship drawing on the joint resources of Arm, the world’s most influential IP design company, as well as Unicef’s Innovation team.

Without innovation in technology, the hardest to reach children cannot receive the vital basic services they need to survive and flourish. Our collaboration aims to create sustainable change for children by providing them with access to information, opportunity and choice.

Demonstrating the potential of technology growth areas

Unicef and Arm partnered with design firm frog to launch the Wearables for Good Challenge. A total of 250 applications were received from 46 countries across six continents, making it one of the most inclusive technology design challenges ever to take place. The two winners were taken through a business incubation programme and were awarded $15,000 each to develop their ideas further.

The next focus of the partnership will be on urbanisation and how technology can be utilised to reduce the negative impacts on children.

Scaling up proven technologies

Arm is working with Unicef to scale up proven technologies to reach more children. Together we are expanding the reach of U-Report, a global platform that allows young people to speak out about the issues affecting them, through a mobile application for iOS and Android. This will mean that young people in more digitally advanced countries will be able to access U-Report, giving even more children a voice.

Exposing market opportunities in developing countries

Both Unicef and Arm acknowledge that as technology reaches new, emerging markets it offers a unique opportunity to deliver shared value for all. Through collaboration, both organisations and other partners will demonstrate the business case for each potential application and research opportunities in key growth areas such as: financial services, transport and delivery, wearable technology, identity, and learning.

As billions of people around the world are connected through technology, we believe that now is the time to scale up new and existing innovations to reach more of the world’s children.

Unicef is also a proud partner of 2030Vision. The 2030Vision ambition is to transform the use of technology through collaborative Partnerships and innovative Projects, to support the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals . To find out more here.

Unicef and Arm partnered with design firm frog to launch the Wearables for Good Challenge.