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Working together to end polio and provide education for children in emergencies

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Why we’re working together

easyJet and Unicef are working together to reach the 90 million customers who easyJet flies every year to raise money to support children all over the world. The partnership is an opportunity for easyJet customers and employees to help children affected by emergencies go to school as well as to provide polio vaccines.

Our partnership changes the lives of children for good, enhances the customer experience, and engages easyJet employees by offering unique opportunities and experiences.


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What we’re doing

easyJet and Unicef have been working together since 2012 to support polio vaccinations and to help children continue to get an education during emergencies.

Millions of children around the world are still in danger of contracting polio, a highly contagious and incurable disease. In 1988 polio was endemic in 125 countries. However, through vaccination programmes like those funded by Unicef’s Change for Good partnership with easyJet, today polio is endemic in just three: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. In order to end polio forever, we need to reach every child.

One in four children in our world are affected by conflict or disaster. They have often lost family, friends and their home. Every year, millions of children have their education disrupted by conflict or disaster. Without support, these children can be out of school for months or even years. Some drop out of the education system forever. Without the chance to go to school, their whole future is at risk.

School provides children with a safe space to learn and play, a place of protection from the dangers around them. It can also give children stability and structure to help cope with the trauma they have experienced. School also provides a single place where Unicef can provide life-saving food, water and medicine.

Three boys sitting at a classroom desk laughing.

What we’ve achieved

Thanks to the support of easyJet customers and employees, our Change for Good partnership has helped to vaccinate more than 30 million children against polio, and vaccinate 5.3 million mothers and babies against deadly diseases. The education in emergencies campaign launched in 2018 has already raised enough to fund 7,500 schools in a box that could help 300,000 children in emergency situations get an education.


30 million

children vaccinated against polio

£14 million

raised for Unicef since 2012


schools in a box funded

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Being able to help children get back into education makes me really proud that easyJet is focusing on education on emergencies. This campaign is crucial in offering these opportunities to kids all over the world
Marianne Thomson, Proposition Manager