Working with Unicef

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Unicef and Garnier launched their #CommitToCare partnership in June 2017. The partnership aims to help 300,000 children living in emergencies play, learn and receive basic healthcare in designated safe spaces. Right now, one in four children worldwide lives in danger, often because of natural disaster or conflict.

The #CommitToCare partnership will run for three years and help fund Unicef emergency education, recreation and hygiene kits for children. These kits are used in Unicef’s dedicated child friendly spaces and are an integral part of Unicef’s work to help children get their childhoods back and continue their education during emergencies.

“Garnier is committed to caring, whether that’s for our customers, our planet or for our communities worldwide,” says Karen Flavard Jones, Garnier’s General Manager for UK & Ireland. “That’s why it is a privilege for Garnier to be supporting Unicef – an organisation which has helped children when they are at their most vulnerable for over 70 years. We are very proud of this partnership and we celebrate Unicef for its enduring commitment to care for children the world over.”