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Youth Advocacy Toolkit

Start your own campaign

What is this?

Youth-led advocacy is about supporting young people to speak up and helping them actively take part in the decisions that affect them. Our Youth Advocacy Toolkit will give you the skills and information you need to stand up for what is important to you.

Who is the toolkit for?

This toolkit is for any young person who wants to start their own advocacy campaign.

If you are a teacher or facilitator, you can also use this toolkit with your group to inspire them to work out which children’s rights issues they care about and how to go about creating the change they want to see.

Copies of the toolkit were shared with young people attending UNICEF’s Child Friendly Cities Summit in Cologne, October 2019.

How should I use it?

Download the free resources below. You can print them, if you like!

The Youth Advocacy Toolkit will help you choose and explore an issue you want to campaign to change, so that you can create an Advocacy Plan.

The Engaging Political Decision Makers resource can help you find and contact your local councillor or Member of Parliament (MP or MSP) or Assembly Member (AM) so that you can raise the profile of your issue among the people who hold power in your local government. The Engaging Local Media resource guides you on how you might be able to get media coverage for your campaign.

Youth Advocacy Toolkit


Engaging Political Decision Makers


Engaging Local Media


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