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Following successful completion of Stage 2 assessment, the university’s course will be accredited as Baby Friendly. The first re-accreditation will take place within three years, with subsequent re-accreditations at intervals to be decided by the Baby Friendly Initiative’s designation committee.

Re-accreditation consists of a repeat of the Stage 2 assessment with the latest cohort of students. Any changes to the curriculum, particularly re-validation, will also be examined at that time. It is therefore recommended that the application form for Stage 1 assessment be updated as changes are made so that it reflects the way the learning outcomes are currently addressed and can be reviewed immediately prior to the assessment. To help keep costs down, re-accreditations are usually undertaken by a single assessor who interviews a smaller sample of students than at the Stage 2 assessment.

All accredited facilities must audit their implementation of the standards. The results of the audit should be used to ensure that high standards are being maintained and improved and annual audits (see form below) should be sent to the Baby Friendly Initiative office every year.

As part of the assessment you will be asked to send details of the  students and you can use the student lists template to prepare this information, and then populate the timetable for student interviews once your lead assessor has confirmed those selected

For any questions, please contact the Baby Friendly office.

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