Two girls wait in line at a temporary medical centre in Iraq. Unicef/2016/Kuzaie

How your
fundraising helps

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Here are some examples of how the donations you raise through your fantastic fundraising could help change children’s lives for the better.

You could include these examples in your emails, or on your online fundraising page, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

UNICEF is supported entirely by your donations so together we can help make sure that every child can grow up safe, happy and healthy.

Where does the money I raise go?

The donations you raise could provide medicine, food, water, education and protection to help make a lasting difference to the lives of children around the world. Here are some of the ways your donation could help:

  • £5 = a snug blanket to keep a baby warm in a hospital, day-care centre or refugee camp.
  • £18 = mosquito nets to protect 9 families from deadly malaria.
  • £30 = 100 vaccine doses to protect 50 children against measles.
  • £44 = a full course of treatment of high-energy peanut paste for a malnourished child – designed to combat acute malnutrition.
  • £100 = a maths-in-a-box containing learning equipment and materials for teachers to deliver maths classes during an emergency or natural disaster.
  • £146 = a sturdy bike for a child to travel to school so that they don’t miss out on their education.
  • £290 = water pump to provide clean, safe water to a school or a whole village or community.
  • £1,182 = a temporary school or health centre for children who have survived a natural disaster, war or displacement to have a safe space to learn and play or receive medical care.

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