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There are lots of fun ways you can raise money and boost your fundraising. Below you’ll find some top tips and ideas to get you started.

Top tips for fundraising

Get creative

The first step to fundraising is choosing your idea. Whether you’re looking to fundraise on your own, at school, in your workplace or with your faith group or community club, there’s a fundraising idea for everyone.

Get online

As soon as you’ve decided to fundraise, it’s time to create your online fundraising page. The money from your page reaches us automatically so takes all the hassle out of collecting donations. Win!


If your friends and family don’t know about your fundraising, they can’t support you – so make as much noise as you can to let everyone know what you’re doing and why. Use our editable fundraising materials to help you spread the word.


You don’t have to do everything on your own. Get your friends and family to help promote your fundraiser and raise money.


Whatever you choose to do, be positive and go for it! We’re sure you’ll make amazing memories too.

Where are you fundraising?

Other fundraising ideas