It’s always great to find out why you choose to support Unicef. From the emails and letters we receive, it’s clear that our supporters share our deep commitment towards protecting the rights of children around the world.

‘The reason I have set up a direct debit for Unicef is that it is an organisation I trust and respect, the work that is done makes a real difference.’ Rick

‘The main reason I decided to contribute a regular donation to Unicef is purely to help the children. For a long time I have wanted to contribute and have always had an excuse as to why I could not at the time. However I realised that the longer I don’t give, the less help a child may get. It is shocking how much a little donation can aid significantly in the development and health of a child or a family. This is why I have decided to contribute to Unicef.’ Olivia

“My partner and I had our first child, a beautiful girl. Children around the world often do not even have the basics of life such as food, clean water, shelter and safety (it makes me very sad). We feel a little helpless in not being able to help others directly, and we just want to give a little back into the world.” Geoff

“The reason I have chosen to support Unicef is down to Danny Kaye. I have been a fan of his since I can remember and knowing he was your first ambassador and how much work he did makes me want to contribute too. He was a legend and so kind. Sounds awful, but I have just got a new job with a pay rise and now feel I am able to contribute through my wages.” Rachael

“I support Unicef because of my Grandfather’s involvement. He worked for the UN for many years and ended his career teaching in Uganda. Because he was such a great influence on my life I wanted to support the charity that he held dear.” Tarot

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