Unicef UK’s education team have developed child rights focused assemblies and a wide range of teaching resources to support teachers with educating children about their rights and global citizenship. These resources are suitable both for teachers working in schools engaged in our Rights Respecting Schools Award initiative and teachers who are generally interested in teaching about children’s rights and participation.

Resources are available for early years, primary and secondary school pupils. Some resources will overlap between age groups.

All resources can be photocopied by the purchaser.

Print and digital download availabilty

Most of our resources can be purchased in print format and some are available as free digital downloads in Adobe pdf format.

Browse our list of resources or download and print the Unicef UK education resources catalogue.

How to buy resources

Complete our order form and send it by post or email to the address below. You can also place an order by telephone by calling the number below stating the items codes and quantities required.

Please note there is a £4.95 flat rate charge for postage and packaging per order.

Tel: 0844 801 2413
Email: unicefeducation@mosaic-fs.co.uk
Address: Unicef
PO Box 621
York House
Wetherby Road
YO26 0EX


How to pay

Payment on invoice

Place your order by post, email or telephone and we will send you the invoice with your order. Download the order form.

Payment by cheque

Complete your order form and send it by post with a cheque payable to Unicef UK to the address above.

Payment by credit or debit card

To pay by credit or debit card, please call the number above.