Climate change is a key development challenge. Many developing countries, and particularly children in these countries, are already suffering the most from climate changes despite being the least
responsible for the emissions that cause them. The effects of climate change are endangering progress made towards achieving development goals and fulfilling children's rights in vulnerable countries. The effects are likely to intensify in the future.

We need action now to help children and communities in these vulnerable countries to 'adapt' to current and future climate changes and to ensure they have the skills; knowledge and resilience to survive and thrive in spite of the challenges presented by climate change. At the same time, emerging economies need support to pursue the path of low carbon development and mitigation in order to reduce emissions in emerging economies. Adaptation and mitigation will provide a more sustainable, safer and cleaner future for current and future generations.

Such action requires considerable financial resources. This report explores 'climate finance' as a solution.

A girl stands outside her home in Sadra Sharif, Pakistan © UNICEF/HQ10-2874/Noorani

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Published: 9 May 2011